A Room For Life

Book | 1 Unique Copy | Cardboard,  C-print, Drawing | 15 x 150 cm. | Variable Dimensions | 2010


Book Design Award, Kunst und Museums Bibliothek | Cologne, Germany



The  memory  book  pays   homage  to  Ukrainian  forced  Labourer  (Ostarbeiterin)  Nina Sawina,
who   was  brought  to  Germany  in  1942  at age of  19.  She was one of  few  women labourers,
who could  speak German.  Due to her  knowledge of language,  she became a  spokesperson  for
other   women   workers   and  voiced  their demands to  authorities.  Soon  she was   labeled  as
rebellion   worker.   As  result   of   her  reputation  and her  love   affair   with a  German  soldier,
Gestapo   arrested  her  in  1944.   Shortly after her   arrest, she was  executed.   Her  name  has
been engraved on one of the cell’s wall of El-DE-Haus in Cologne.

Design   of  the  book   enables   readers  to  browse  from both sides,  left  and  right.  Based  on
the side one  turns the pages,  the book illustrates  a  different story.
The  right  side  embodies  Nina  Sawina’s fictional biography in Ukraine (East),  and the  left  side
browsing,   portrays  her   biography   in Germany  (West).   However  if  one  locates   the   book
vertically some hidden  pages will be revealed.Those  pages have been dedicated to her love affair.

Courtecy of Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek Köln

Book Cover


Exhibition View

Hidden Rooms