Prometheus In Cage

Installation | Darkness/Light, Birdcage, Flashlight | Pilis, Lithuania | 2015


Prometheus In Cage is created within a residency program in collaboration with Migrating Art Academies in Panemune 
Castle. The Castle Panemune contains a vast, dark and cold cellar having the reputation of being a former prison.
 Furthermore, architectural structure of the castle is enclosed with two striking watchtowers each located in east and 
west gates.
 The Installation is inspired by the historical background of the castle as well as its architectural structure.

In  Prometheus In Cage a birdcage is installed in the cellar of the castle. By locating a flashlight in a specific angle, 
the shadow of the cage creates a cone shape. The shape -shadow- excites a form resembling a phallus as well as a 
watchtower floating and confined within a plaid pattern. Prometheus In Cage meditates on the relationship of violence to power
 and their connection to masculinity, architectural structure and captivity.


Installation View

Prometheus In Cage
Prometheus In Cage