Rat Race

Two Channel Video Projection | Color | Sound | 16:9 |2016



A few years after the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the government of the newly-established Islamic Republic clamped down on dog ownership. The number of cats, both domestic and feral, increased drastically, becoming a special feature of Tehran, while dogs are a rare sight in the crowded city’s streets. Not so in Cologne, where there are proud dog owners everywhere. It only seems logical, then, that East and West would fight like cats and dogs. Yet sometimes cats and dogs get along quite well, as we see in so many YouTube videos. The project Rat Race plays with the fluidity of these metaphors. A two-channel video projection ironically underlines the cultural differences between the street cats of Tehran and the domesticated dogs of Cologne.


Exhibition at Akademie Space, Akademie Der Künste Der Welt, Cologne

Exhibition view


Photo Credits: Roel Weenink