Use Or Waste

Drawing | Canvas, Indian Ink | Series of 3 | 120×90 cm. | 2014


Use or Waste was developed with its exhibition location in mind;  the Kunstpavillon München.
The Kunstpavillon is coloured by its connection to the Nazi  (National Socialist)  movement, at
one  time used as a venue for Nazi artists and admirers of the NS movement.  Film  stills and
photographs documenting events during the Second  World War were the inspiration for a series of
drawings.  Themes such as fox hunting,  (a hobby for the members of  elite  society in many 
European  countries)   as well as  the ruined infrastructure of European cities after the bombing 
campaigns, were drafted into the resulting images.

The lean style in which the drawings are rendered evokes the fragility and temporality of the
structures depicted.



Exhibition View