Window Shopping ll

Experimental Film | 16 mm. | Colour | Sound | Multi-Channel | 4:3 | 00:05:30 | 2015


Window Shopping ll indicates and captures subtle notions of cultural and social conventions in the realm of public showcases. Diverse fragments of public displays in Tehran (an Eastern City) and Cologne (a Western City) are comparatively observed through a rhythmic montage. Window Shopping ll is a twofold essay on cultural and personal identities, in between the public notion of east and west. The film also evokes the personal narration of a journey. Merely through the tandem images of windows, the film calls into question the personal perception of a culture in relation to one’s identity. Clothing items, mannequins, lighting and backdrop, as well as the supposed viewer position of each window reveals characteristics of the two cities accordingly.

Furthermore, the relationship of each culture to aesthetics, gender and consumerism is present. The film reflects on the conception of public or private, East and West, gender, as well as personal and cultural identity.

Ongoing project.



Video Still