Rat Race

Two Channel Video Projection & Performance
Color | Sound | 16:9 | 2016-2017

Collaboration with Artists: Reut Shemesh, Julia-Lena Lippoldt & Sina Seifee

Selected Exhibitions and Screenings
• Akademie Space, Akademie Der Künste Der Welt, Cologne
• Detour to Tehran, Schikaneder, Vienna
• Parking Video Library, BELGRADO, Buenos Aires
• New Media Society, Tehran
• W139, Amsterdam

By means of an ironic view, the video Rat Race employs cats and dogs as metaphors for eastern and western societies. Cats and dogs being exposed while eating, urinating, defecating, and interacting with each other. The video studies grounds that affiliate these two animals. However, Rat Race also indicates the differences between their environment.

Photo Credits: © Roel Weenink / Akademie Der Künste Der Welt, Cologne