Sen Ve Ben Ve

Sen Ve Ben Ve Monument

Monument proposal for Keupstrasse, Cologne, to commemorate the 2004 NSU terror attack, commissioned by the NS-DOK competition, 2016.

Artist Group: Class of Prof. Mischa Kuball
Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)

Participant artists:
Alexander Pascal Forré, Anne Weyler, Caterina Ruzzante, Dora Tomic, Mona Kakanj & Walter Solon

The project Sen Ve Ben Ve (Eng. You And Me And) consists of two polished, reflective stainless steel plates positioned within a four-meter distance opposite to each other. One of the plates contains the phrase in German language and the other one has the same phrase in the Turkish language. Each plate consists of letters, which will be read in words and eventually as the phrase: You And Me And. The monument wishes to establish a phrase without a beginning and without an end. Therefore, the design of the sculpture enables a kind of eternal reading. The words chosen for the monument are rather simple, yet their collective sense reaches beyond their literal meaning. They reflect the rules of us humans in the society we are living in. The material chosen for the sculpture is polished stainless steel and serves the purpose of reflecting, like a mirror. These two plates shall not only mirror their urban surrounding, viewers, and their passer-by, but they also reflect each other. Hence the monument creates a mise en abyme (mirror in the mirror) effect.